Windows Server 2016 Standard Purchase

Windows Server 2016 Standard Purchase

You may not be thrilled with the results. Currently, each Windows Server license allows for use of the software on up to two physical processors. Beyond the first license, there's no minimum number that must be purchased per server. With Windows Server , due later this year, customers will have to purchase licenses based on the number of activated processor cores in each server. Licenses will be sold in packs covering two cores, and customers will be required to purchase enough licenses to cover at least eight cores for each physical processor, regardless of how many cores are actually in their server, Barnett said. Barnett sees three key problems. First, if you have servers with a core density above eight cores per processor -- say you have a server with two core processors, for example -- you'll probably have to buy more licenses than you would have previously. Our best Windows 10 tricks, tips and tweaks ] That will become increasingly common as more companies switch to servers with higher core densities.

Microsoft Windows Server Standard Microsoft Windows Server Standard is the base version of the Windows Server series and is designed for physical or minimally virtualized environments. Windows Server is a cloud-compatible operating system that supports all current workloads while introducing new technologies that make. Microsoft Windows Server Standard Core Open License - 2 Cores provides multi-layered anti-spam protection keeping your users safe from email threats. Exchange provides email anywhere through the use OWA, Outlook Anywhere, and mobile devices support with main issue I have with Exchange is the web-based Administrative Center/5(4). Aug 09,  · Windows Server is here. Get the cloud-ready operating system today to apply another levels of security and innovation to the applications and infrastructure, that power your business. Support the workloads you run today, and make it easier to move to the cloud, when you're ready. Product Features Built-in security - Enhance security and reduce risk with multiple layers of protection /5(34).

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Table 5. These are stacked on base licenses when the number of cores or processors exceeds those covered by the base OS license. POS point of sale refers to licenses sold at point of original purchase. Table 6. What types of Windows licenses does Lenovo offer?

Please refer to the product list found at: Resellers may provide additional OS installation services to the customer. Microsoft has moved licensing for Datacenter and Standard editions from processors to physical cores. Datacenter Edition provides rights to run unlimited OSEs and unlimited Windows Server containers when all physical cores on the server are licensed. Standard Edition provides rights to run up to two OSEs or two Hyper-V containers and unlimited Windows Server containers when all physical cores on the server are licensed.

Each physical server is required to be licensed for all physical cores Each physical processor is required to be licensed with a minimum of 8 physical cores Each physical server is required to be licensed with a minimum of two processors, totaling a minimum of 16 physical cores Core licenses are sold in packs of two that is, a 2-pack Core License Essentials Edition remains on the processor-based licensing and covers servers with 2 CPUs.

To calculate the appropriate core licenses needed for your server, please visit: What are CALs and do I need them? For more detailed information, please reference: The 16 core Datacenter and Standard edition Base licenses provide the minimum OS licensing basis for a physical server. Each server requires at least one Base license. Which licenses are available for purchase after point of sale APOS? Please refer to the product list found at the following page: What are my downgrade rights?

Please refer to the product list found at http: If you are considering making use of your Downgrade rights, it is recommended to purchase these Downgrade kits at the same time as the server purchase. For After Point of Sale Downgrade options, please reference this support page: For further information please see: CALs are only backwards version compatible, e.

When attempting to install Microsoft Windows Server using Lenovo-provided installation media into a virtualized computing environment created by VMware ESXi, the install may fail and an error message similar to this is shown: These tools are built to only run on Lenovo computers. Since this system is not recognized as a valid system, the installation cannot continue.

Where is my Activation code? If your SW offering requires an activation code see 6 , then it is printed on a COA label similar to the one pictured here: However, due to space constraints, the COA may also be found on the bottom chassis: By Microsoft design, the character activation code a. However, Microsoft has published an unsupported method for license conversion which is provided here for additional reference: Please note that Lenovo is not able to assist with such license conversion workarounds.

The activation code on my COA label is damaged. Should the character activation code on the COA label become illegible please contact Lenovo Data Center support at https: This process requires a digital picture of the damaged COA to start the replacement process that Lenovo will engage in with Microsoft. I lost my OS installation media or my media is defective. Lenovo offers replacement of the Lenovo branded OS installation media should it be lost or becomes defective.

Please contact Lenovo Data Center Support at: Lenovo does offer a Datacenter license that includes reassignment rights, which can be reassigned to a new server every 90 days; in the same manner as volume licensing. Lenovo also offers Datacenter and Standard OEM licenses which are more cost effective, and do not have reassignment rights.

Should the customer purchase one of these licenses and require reassignment rights they would need to purchase Software Assurance from a Microsoft volume license reseller. Software Assurance must be purchased within 90 days of the OEM product and can only be applied to the most recent form of the OS. OEM license that is added to the Lenovo server shipment at manufacturing and requires a Windows Server OS to be selected at the same time. Each user CAL permits one user, using any device, to access instances of the server software on their licensed servers.

Each device CAL permits one device, used by any user, to access instances of the server software on their licensed servers. As there is no restriction in DCSC or a warning given, people should be aware that more than 4 sockets or 24 cores may be unnecessary overkill and they may be overpriced.

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