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The third experiment was to quantify the compliance of the joints and the last experiment was to test our sensor fault detection algorithm. The second experiment was to validate the torque controller. We used again a simple PD controller and set the desired torque of the hip pitch joint to 0 Nm while pushing the leg with an external force. The results are displayed in Figure 12B.

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They are only really necessary for big or long-duration investments of capital. ie 'capitalism' may well require contracts - but 'free markets' aren't necessarily 'capitalism'.

"They are the oligarchs but they're hypocritical narcissists who want to pretend they're put-upon rebels because otherwise they'd have to realize that all the problems in the US have actually been caused by the gross stupidity and negligence of the leftists who actually run everything. " Not sure who you're talking about when you say "leftists run everything?" What kind of leftists are we talking about: the Old Left (Marxists, social democrats, anarchists, etc), or the postmodern Left (postmodern professors, "culturally-informed consumers", etc).

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