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Hello, I am building my own pc (and probably will build for my friends and family shortly as well) and looking to buy Windows 10 OEM license in  How to buy a windows 10 Pro OEM license? Best for individuals and households, Windows 10 Home offers the best safety, productivity, and gaming features ever to help you get stuff done. Windows 10 Pro Full Version (DVD downloaded) and bootable. Buy It Now Microsoft Windows 10 Pro USB Boot Install Drive & Genuine License (32/64bit) . NEW OEM Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit Full Version (DVD and.

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I was able to reinstall to my original factory settings (Windows Pro), but was advised that I must now buy a complete install of Windows Pro, after being on hold for nearly an hour. I would heartily recommend Windows Pro if I could ever get it reinstalled--but do not recommend Microsoft's farmed- out poor technical support!/5. Aug 22,  · I am going to buy a OEM version of Windows 10 as I won't be changing my MoBo anytime soon. I want to know if I should buy Windows 10 from a reliable source for around 60€ or if I should take a risk and buy it from a shadier place (Kinguin) for half the price. Oct 30,  · Microsoft charges $ for a Windows 10 Professional product key. But, with a quick search online, you can find websites promising Windows 10 Pro keys for $12 or even less. That’s a huge savings—but don’t fall for Chris Hoffman.

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If you have used up the three recovery's that you get with Window's 10 free install and you got the blue screen of death you need to purchase this one. This is what you need with your internet to get back started again. If you upgrade your hard drive to a new on then you will need this software.

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