Roxio Toast 11 Titanium Purchase

Roxio Toast 11 Titanium Purchase

Streamer provides a way to stream video from your Mac over the Internet. You sign up for a free Streamer account, select unprotected video on your Mac, haul it into the Streamer application, and Streamer launches Toast to encodes your video for streaming. You then switch on the Streamer server within the application, and your Mac becomes a host for these videos.

You may need to configure your router to provide unencumbered access to Streamer's TCP port. To watch a video, open a browser, enter the URL for your streamer account, enter the password for the account, select a video, and play it. The video begins to stream to your computer, iPhone, or iPod touch. On a computer's display the videos are pretty blocky--that blockiness is less noticeable on an iPhone or iPod touch Streamer gives you the option of setting the video quality at low, medium, or high to match the robustness of your upload Internet bandwidth.

In the past I've found TiVo Transfer to be slow going and the resulting files not very good because TiVo restricted the resolution of transferred files. Video looks better now as the resolution is better, but there's a new hitch with the When you attempt to play files transferred from a TiVo the resulting files produce garbage in Toast Video Player, the application that, under the Like TiVo's Multiroom Viewing feature, transferring videos can take time, but the feature works as it's supposed to.

Issues finally fixed Toast Titanium 10 shipped nearly a year ago, and in that year, Roxio has issued five updates. In the course of preparing this review we've worked closely with Roxio to sift through these issues and were happy to see that the Macworld's buying advice Toast remains a useful and multi-talented application.

If you plan to take advantage of several of Toast 10's new features, then you might want to consider upgrading from Toast 9. The bugs of the past are now, thankfully, largely water under the bridge, but they took far too long to address. Let's hope that Roxio has learned from this experience and redoubles its efforts to ensure that Toast 11 is less troublesome when it's first released. And instead of being smashed into one corner of the UI, the categories are displayed as tabs that run across the width of the content window.

The Assistant window can show you common projects for a category, or all the available options. And there are other small but useful changes. You can choose a burner and its settings, as well as the number of copies you want to burn, directly from the main window.

And you can now view the Media Browser as a separate floating palette as before or integrated into the main UI.

You might even notice that Toast icon now has a disc and an iPhone coming out the toaster rather than two discs—a nod to the waning importance of physical media for many users these days. You can also have Toast publish directly to online services and even tweet the link to the video—I added a p video shot with my iPhone into Toast, trimmed it, and uploaded it directly to my Vimeo account. Roxio says it plans to bump the data rates up in an update. At the same time, you can now create custom video profiles, tweaked from one of the built-in presets.

This could be useful if you want to convert video that will look good on all your particular Apple devices, say. The VideoBoost feature can speed up H. Like iTunes, it lets you add as many tracks as you want for burning and breaks them into the number of CDs needed to do so. NEW Roxio Akrilic Easily emphasize the most interesting features in your photo and customize them to match other creative styles, using new Roxio Akrilic.

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Big changes include a new user interface, built-in tutorials, multiple burner support, subtitle suport, and hardware-assisted video encoding. As in the past, Toast includes a bunch of additional apps: The Streamer app is no longer included, however. I got a chance to play with a pre-release version of the software, and here are some of the cool new features and how they work. Installing and updating The first change longterm users of the software will notice takes place very early on. While not a big deal in itself, it does signal an important change to the way Roxio handles the various apps in the Toast package.

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