Purchase Nik Software HDR Efex Pro

Purchase Nik Software HDR Efex Pro

Viveza is a little different to the other plug-ins in the collection, in that it focuses purely on the U Point technology for localised adjustments using control points that are present in the other plug-ins. But rather than applying effects, Viveza allows you to adjust colour, contrast, brightness and structure in localised areas with incredible speed and intelligent precision.

It really does take the hard work out of editing with powerful adjustments possible in seconds. Analogue Efex Pro: As the name suggests, Analog Pro allows you to apply film-style effects to your images for a more traditional photographic look and feel.

The presets available offer a great starting point, with some offering control over texture overlays and where blur is applied, alongside the ability to fully customise effects.

HDR Efex Pro: HDR Efex offers a range of presets ranging from dark and dirty to more natural results, and with extensive controls available you can achieve the HDR style of your choice. This is one of the more difficult plug-ins to learn how to use by its nature, but the clear interface and labelling of settings helps with this.

Sharpener Pro: Dfine uses algorithms to reduce noise in high ISO images, across the image as a whole and with the ability to work on the individual RGB channels. Analog Efex Pro is the only plug-in added during Google's ownership. It offers an amazing array of analog film and camera simulation tools, and has ten new "En Vogue" presets. Silver Efex Pro is dedicated to black and white photography.

Like other Nik plug-ins, it comes with a range of preset film and darkroom effects, built with manual adjustment tools displayed on the right of the screen. Silver Efex Pro enjoys a similar reputation for black and white photography, which is about so much more than just the absence of color. It recaptures the depth, intensity and subtlety of black and white films and darkroom processes in a way that other programs and plug-ins struggle to match.

Color Efex Pro offers dozens of photographic filter effects which can be combined in an almost endless array of different permutations, or 'Recipes'. HDR Efex Pro is good too. It can merge a series of bracketed exposures or create a tone mapped HDR image from a single photo, and it has a wide selection of preset HDR effects to choose from.

From this high point, the remaining three plug-ins take a bit of a downturn. Viveza's appeal is more limited in that it's designed solely to leverage the Nik Collections control point adjustment technology, but it can still be really effective. Here, we've used it to give the distant background in this cathedral a cool, dark tone to contrast with the lamps in the foreground. The last two, Dfine and Sharpener Pro, feel increasingly irrelevant in the modern age.

Dfine is a noise reduction tool that works well enough, but most photographers will concentrate on applying noise reduction at the raw processing stage, not on already-processed images. Quality of results The Nik Collection plug-ins may have been around for a long time, but their preset effects, their tools and controls, and the sense of excitement and discovery they create, are as fresh as ever.

Have you ever felt jaded and bored by the effects in your current photo editing software? Image 1 of 5 Here are sample images we made for this review with the Nik Collection plug-ins. Image 2 of 5 Here are sample images we made for this review with the Nik Collection plug-ins. Image 3 of 5 Here are sample images we made for this review with the Nik Collection plug-ins. Image 4 of 5 Here are sample images we made for this review with the Nik Collection plug-ins.

Nik Collection 2 by DxO is a powerful suite of plugins offering an impressive range Buy Now. $ | $ No Subscription Secure payment. What's New? HDR Efex Pro: Create stunning HDR images with a range of clever presets and  ‎HDR Efex Pro · ‎Color Efex Pro · ‎Silver Efex Pro · ‎Analog Efex Pro. HDR Efex Pro is a plugin that allows you to automatically blend multiple bracketed . The French company DXO later bought the Nik Collection from Google and. Sep 25, - Analog Efex Pro; Color Efex Pro; Silver Efex Pro; Viveza; Dfine; Sharpener Pro; HDR Efex Pro give countless philosophical answers, but the most plausible answer is that in its original version Nik cost $ and in order to encourage purchases (or Nik Software Tools Viveza Sharpener Color Silver Efex.

Where to buy Purchase Nik Software HDR Efex Pro

They know that thousands of professionals have proven it works. It provides a level of precise control that no competitive software matches. With one click of your mouse, you can create a single control point and select an area of an image.

Sliders then appear that are directly linked to the control point, so you can carefully and accurately fine-tune that portion of the image, saving the time and headaches often associated with complicated choices and layer masks found on other products.

Color Efex Pro 4 responds quicker to your commands and selections, so you can create more in less time.

What makes Color Efex Pro 4 more than a simple upgrade is an amazing array of new features that starts with the capability to combine filters for the first time. The Filter Combinations and images they create are almost endless, as you can apply one filter and then select another.

Add even more filters, change their order or delete those that no longer contribute to the effect you want. You also have the freedom to adjust the opacity level of each filter for even more creative control. Nik Software has also added 8 new filters to Color Efex Pro 4 that widen the scope of what you can achieve. Give your images more balance of light and tonality with the Detail Extractor filter.

To create three different film effects, which are becoming very popular, use the Faded, Nostalgic or Vintage filters. The Faded filter recreates the look of old film-based prints that have been handled too often. The Nostalgic filter is aptly titled, as it changes your images into those that might have come from a simple film camera of the past. The Vintage filter matches the results of the first color films. Three additional new filters in Color Efex Pro 4 are called Borders.

These work with a randomizing algorithm to provide you with a variety of borders, so each of your images achieves a unique style. You can also upgrade from any 2. Visit niksoftware. To learn more about Color Efex Pro 4, including video tutorials, feature lists and special live online preview sessions, please visit niksoftware. Your feedback is important to thousands of PhotographyTalk. If this article is helpful, then please click the Like and Re-Tweet buttons at the top left of this article.


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