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I had taken a mishmash of shots of a beach, a pier, and a boardwalk amusement park — certainly nothing scripted. I kicked things off with a few clips of the bumper car ride, shot from different angles. I followed these with a photo of the pier to establish where all this was taking place. After that, I brought the action back to the amusement park rides with a view of the pirate ship ride. If your PC has an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, work goes blazingly fast. Case in point:

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If you purchased the download version of CyberLink PowerDirector: Then after the installation is finished, install both content packs to ensure that all of the effects, templates, and menus are available to you in the PowerDirector library. If you cannot find SmartSound clips to use or you find less templates, please ensure you installed the content pack files. It is recommended that you back up your downloaded PowerDirector executable files, by either burning them to a disc or backing them up on another hard drive. If you purchased box version of CyberLink PowerDirector:


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