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Select an article: Applies to: Adobe Muse As Adobe continues to refocus on developing products and solutions that provide our customers with the most value, we are now announcing the end of new feature development for Adobe Muse CC. On March 26, we will release the final feature improvement release of Adobe Muse.

We will continue to offer technical support to all active Creative Cloud customers until March 26, Adobe is committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. It is in our nature to innovate and try new things, and it was in this spirit that we started developing Adobe Muse eight years ago.

Designers that are actively engaged in creating complex websites and applications are investing in UX design and prototyping skills while partnering with development teams to bring their designs to life. We thank our users and want to help them make a smooth transition to other Adobe offerings that can solve their specific needs: If you are building complex websites and applications, you can now use Adobe XD.

Although XD does not generate web-ready code as Adobe Muse did, XD is an all-in-one solution that allows users to design, prototype, and collaborate with stakeholders and developers to bring their websites to life.

For more information, see Adobe XD. If you are building a website to showcase your creative work, you can use Adobe Portfolio to create beautiful portfolio websites that can also be connected to the Behance platform. For more information, see Adobe Portfolio. If you are building one-page websites, such as photo stories, newsletters, or landing pages, you can use Adobe Spark Page to create beautiful responsive web pages with your own unique brand.

For more information, see Adobe Spark. Frequently asked questions Does the end-of-service affect all the users? Yes, the Adobe Muse end-of-service impacts all the users. When will this take effect? The Adobe Muse team will stop developing features as of March 26, However, technical support is available to all active Creative Cloud customers until March 26, Can the users of Adobe Muse continue to use the software and also download it again?

Yes, the licensed users of Adobe Muse can continue to use the software. No, the Adobe Muse application will continue to open on your computer.

You will be able to continue to edit existing or create new websites with the application. However, it is quite possible that web standards and browsers will continue to change after Adobe stops support for the application. After March 26, Adobe will no longer deliver compatibility updates with the Mac and Windows OS, or fix any bugs that might crop up when publishing Adobe Muse sites to the web.

What kind of help and support resources can I rely on going forward? The Adobe Muse Microsite will continue to be available to users until support ends on March 26, Although no new content will be added to the Events, Tutorials, or Site of the Day pages, the Adobe Muse Widget Directory will continue to be updated with current widget availability during this timeframe. What happens to my existing Adobe Muse-built website? Will the site disappear? Websites built with Adobe Muse will continue to be live on the internet if the sites are hosted on any third-party hosting platform such as GoDaddy or Bluehost for example.

Sites hosted on Business Catalyst will have to be republished to another hosting platform to remain live after March 26, , when Business Catalyst hosting is no longer available.

For more details, see the Business Catalyst announcement page. Will my widgets continue to work after Adobe stops support for Adobe Muse? This will be up to the individual widget provider. If you are paying for an annual subscription plan with them you should touch base to see what their official support plans are going forward. Will widgets that I purchased from one of your widget partners work with Behance Portfolio, or Adobe Dreamweaver?

Unfortunately, no. All widgets developed for use with Adobe Muse are only compatible with Adobe Muse. More like this.

As Adobe continues to refocus on developing products and solutions that provide our customers with the most value, we are now announcing the end of new feature development for Adobe Muse CC. On March 26, we will release the final feature improvement release of Adobe Muse. We will continue to. The Release of Adobe Creative Cloud Is Here. The Release of Adobe Creative Cloud Is Here. Prev. Who Created the PDF? manage and purchase from 40 million curated Adobe Stock images directly within the new CC desktop apps. Adobe Muse CC has instant access to the fonts in Typekit, making it easier to get your web designs done. Adobe Exchange. Adobe Exchange Muse CC - CC () InDesign CC - CC () Photoshop CC - CC () For the professional print sized versions please purchase our full packs! These painterly and grunge textures have multiple uses including photography, artwork, graphics projects, website design, digital, video and /5(13).

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Please leave a comment. Tell us what you think. Share one of the Muse Templates you love! Muse is an Adobe Systems product. It concentrates on enabling designers to build websites even if they do not have coding skills.

Muse is accessible through Adobe Creative Cloud. It is becoming a popular way of building websites. With Adobe Muse, you can create a responsive website without knowledge of web development and coding. The web design interface looks like Photoshop and InDesign which makes it very intuitive and attractive for designers.

You can experiment with Parallax Scrolling and try out the in-browser editing feature. On top of that, you can get powerful Adobe Muse templates. They are designed for creating a website without having to do all the graphics from scratch. Adobe systems is the creator of popular programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

With these software, graphic designers are able to create almost all forms of visual content. In essence then, the main goal of Adobe is to make every graphic designer on the planet happy. Muse is the newest product from Adobe. With this product, Adobe hopes to make it even better for designers, particularly those that are working in more conventional media, who are called upon to do more online projects. Muse is a super simplified and graphically concentrated tool for creating websites.

It has been designed to create useful works of art without the need for a developer or tinkering with codes. User Friendly — since Muse was developed for the requirements of professional designers, it could appear sophisticated to non designers. Muse appears, feels and performs similar to other products of Adobe.

Thus, if you have used Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign before, you will not be intimidated by its interface. Muse features drag and drop for editing, which adds to its ease of use.

Feature Flexibility — since Muse was made for graphic designers, it comes with an impressive array of design tools. On DIY site builders, you need to upload elements. With Adobe Muse on the other hande, you can get them straight from the program.

Designs — there are no readymade templates in Muse. Instead, it provides a blank canvas. Therefore, you need to design navigation, headers, footers, buttons and other design elements from scratch. This is good for designers but it may not be for others. The good news is a lot of designers create and market templates that are made particularly for Adobe Muse.

Templates — You can find the best template provides from the Resources page. Some has totally free design resources that include starter templates, graphics and other files. It also has written and video tutorials that explain every step needed to build a website with Muse in detail. In addition, an entire network of 3rd party creative tutorials is available to help you with more advanced techniques.

Price — you can acquire Muse as a single app through Creative Cloud or from a complete membership. You have to option of paying monthly or annually. If you are not using Adobe Creative Cloud, you can download and use for free in a 7 day trial.

If you have decided to go with Adobe Muse, there are plenty of Muse templates that can help you create a dynamic website for desktops and mobile devices. Time to take a look at the Adobe Muse Template Collection Below are more than 30 well-crafted Adobe Muse templates that you can use as a starting point and inspiration.

You may also share this post with friends that might be interested in Adobe Muse templates. Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links at no extra cost to you. I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products. When it was first released it got very popular because of it extensive set of features and customization options.

Now it is upgraded to version 2. The template comes with 9 awesome Muse widgets. And you will also love the responsive menu and the full screen video backgrounds. Skywell Adobe Muse template is a true multi-purpose template. It is a good choice for any kind of professional and business website with high demands for design and capability.

It is also perfect for creative and small business websites. With Tersus, you can showcase your best works in a way that is effective and attractive. Tersus features several template designs in a single package.

The desktop version comes with Parallax scrolling and there are a couple of adaptive versions for use in mobile devices. The template is retina ready and packaged with HTML preview files.

Other features of Tersus are Font Awesome, dynamic slideshow, Edge Animate HTML 5 video player, Edge Animate CC project files , animated section title, animated sliding bar chart, interactive and animated icons, elegant image gallery, user guide and user friendly contact form.

The design is both great and professional but very easy to use. You may use this theme for creative, photo studio, fashion, corporate, portfolio, freelancer and others. Rhythm has a tablet, phone and desktop version. It is fully customizable with a drag and drop feature.

There are more than Typekit Webfonts and over template pages included in the package. It is the most complete Muse template that you will find on ThemeForest. The theme is very easy to customize. The content can be changed by you in a few minutes.

In addition, the template is bundled with a lot of pre designed elements, which will allow you to create pages from scratch easily. Simply drag and drop and you are done. With tons of pages available, you will surely be able to build the kind of website you have been dreaming of. Buxom is fully responsive with table, mobile and desktop pages.

It also has 20 predesigned homepages, 17 Edge Animate image hovers, 12 predesigned accordions, icons, predesigned buttons, 19 predesigned callouts, 6 predesigned contact forms, 12 predesigned carousel sliders, 11 predesigned content boxes, 4 predesigned device sliders, 26 predesigned image galleries, 12 predesigned icon boxes and progress bars.

Visit the demo page for more of Buxom Muse template. It has been created with plenty of efforts and passion. The theme has 6 unique theme options that are created from scratch. In addition, Yuga contains unique animations and transitions that are not provided by other Muse themes. Yuga requires at least Adobe Muse version Yuga true parallax Muse template requires nothing from you. It works automatically and comes with a huge online documentation.

The theme is integrated with step by step tutorials that will allow you to edit it easily. With Yuga, you can create stunning professional and createive portfolio or website. To see this Muse template in action yourself, click on the demo link I have included above. It is a creative template that is created for Adobe and intended for a variety of purposes.

The theme conforms to the width of the browser so it will look good on any device. It is very easy to edit this theme. You do not need to be an expert in codes and there are video tutorials that will make the process much easier. So stop procrastinating and purchase this theme now. If you do, you will get a lot of great features like commercial free images, JS, CSS and HTML preview files, plenty of cool effects and animations, hundreds of font icons and the very best author support.

Other features of Samarth includes multipage design, online help center, Custom CSS animations, contact form, 3 and 4 column portfolio gallery and Masonry. Its features is best designed for portfolio sites that are showcasing great works done by awesome people. No other Muse theme provides the features that Karya has. The best part of purchasing this theme though is that you do not have to exert any effort at all.

The effects are so integrated that they work automatically without any attention from you. Karya also has an online tutorials series for editing the theme. Why wait when you have the chance now? Grab this theme and see the wonders that it can do for your website. It is the perfect option for SEO companies, startups, agencies and other kinds of online business. Smart has been completed with Adobe Muse CC The theme is easy to edit and incorporated with Google Fonts.

There is also a full screen slider and pinned menu, together with pricing tables and contact form. Other features that are included with Smart Startup include parallax background, Google Map, unlimited colors and help file. It even includes a video instruction.

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