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The August install was seven days before the release of Parallels Far more stable than alternative virtual machine packages, but has similar challenges of dealing with guest operating system challenges, so you need to stay on supported releases of the guest, which means avoid auto-update of your guests. Shortly after installing I was notified I was eligible for a free upgrade to Parallels 14 for the newer install. The same upgrade for the earlier license was only available from the Parallels site at about the same price as a new license. The upgrade from Parallels 13 to 14 was fast and smooth and without issue. On two different systems, the Windows and Fedora guests updated their tools without a glitch.

Purchasing additional licenses for an existing subscription. 34 users found this article helpful. Applies to: Parallels Remote Application Server; Parallels Desktop. Parallels Desktop for Mac makes it easy to run Windows, Linux, and more directly to Nova Development within 90 days of purchase for your money back. Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac: Software. for improvement. March 29, Platform: MacEdition: Parallels Desktop 13 for MacVerified Purchase.

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Get updates Download Use the instructions in this article to add more licenses to your existing Parallels product subscription if your subscription has been purchased via the Parallels online store. If the subscription has been acquired through a Parallels Sales representative or Parallels reseller, contact them to get more licenses in your contract. To purchase additional licenses in an existing subscription: Open the Dashboard of your Parallels account. Click on Buy More Licenses under the product in question. Select the subscription that needs more licenses and click Next.

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