OEM Apple Final Cut Studio 3

OEM Apple Final Cut Studio 3

The primaries in Color include advanced color correction tools such as gamma, lift and gain adjustments, as well as custom R, G, B and luma curves, and the secondaries provide the ability to isolate specific areas of an image with soft-edged mattes and custom-shaped vignettes, which can be tracked with ease. Professional scopes provide precise monitoring of chrominance and luminance values via waveforms, histograms and new 3D scopes.

Color includes over 20 signature looks which can be customized to create a unique mood for any given project, and offers a seamless roundtrip workflow where projects can be sent from Final Cut Pro 6 directly to Color for grading, finishing and final rendering with bit float 4: New camera behaviors add depth and realism with drag-and-drop simplicity. Vector based paint tools allow editors to easily create brushes with color, particles, video or pictures. A simple, yet highly precise match moving tool automatically maps any image or effect to the path of any other object.

New retiming behaviors enable editors to slip and slide retiming effects on the Timeline without keyframes, while new audio behaviors allow users to easily create animations that respond to soundtrack volume and frequency.

Motion 3 includes over new design elements including professional stock imagery, beautifully animated line drawings and stunning vector artwork. This box had a copy of FCP 2 on board with the entire set of Apple updates applied. I wanted to see just what the upgrade would break - or not! The install was a snap, and took about 15 minutes, as I added none of the new content. In fact, the only thing difference from the Final Cut 2 install was the colour of the install screen - everything else was nice and familiar.

FCP 7. It seems that all the scratch disks under system settings were reset to the default for some odd reason. I also lost all my favourite settings under Effects. But all else was fine, and my filters and plugs Looks, Boris, FxFactory, etc. The last project I was working on in 6.

So far, the only noticed difference in the interface so far was a new tool, Timecode Viewer. So far just peachy, but nothing to write home about The changes all seem subtle and non-descript. Like global transitions, where you just select a row of clips on the timeline and with one click you can place the same transition between all the cut points at once.

This shortcut seems to have come from iMovie, and is just one of those little timesavers that are sure to be appreciated over time. The same can also be done in batch mode from Compressor 3. Very cool, and it all actually works! Click image for full size So the deeper you dig, the more apparent the subtle changes from FCP 6. Like the speed controls that sorely needed a revamp.

Adjusting speed is much much better now, as are markers, timeline tabs, and safe title markers. What a relief that that bug is fixed! And one last note here: Apple was nice enough to provide free Alpha Transitions downloadable from their website, to be used in the new alpha transition effect.

I love them all but the Sparkles, and plan to use some in my next project. Alpha transitions are transitions that take a moving image and overlay that over your film clip in an alpha layer, making the transition look very professional and virtually seamless.

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All rights reserved. Article Focus: Our man in Nepal, Jiggy Gaton, likes to live for danger. He installed a major software upgrade mid-project, with virtually no preparation, just to see what would break. Lo and behold, it all worked! And the more Jiggy works with it, the better he's liking it. It was exciting and out-of-the-blue news for us when our ex-genius bar pal told us that FCP was here with an upgrade, just days after FCP 6.


Apple Final Cut Studio 3

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