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Then you don't need to go looking for a square-root algorithm (or a genius programmer) every time you need a square root. And it has to make it easy for programmers to wrap up new algorithms and routines into functions for reuse. The DRY principle, for Don't Repeat Yourself, is one of the colloquial tenets of programming. That is, you should name things once, do things once, create a function once, and let the computer repeat itself. This doesn't always work.

MS Office Standard 2019 price cost

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I think it's very relevant to this discussion, so here it is. I think that people who read this web site and contribute to it are unencumbered by loyalty to what has already been proven to not work. They are able to judge the results and recommend changes, but there are some assumptions that seem to go unchallenged, even by politically and financially adroit observers and reality-seekers.


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