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Creating Infographics with Illustrator Free Lynda. Creating Infographics with Illustrator 0 Comments I try to tell my kids what it was like back in the day before the answers to every question were just a click or tap away. Gathering information took effort. Today, we have the opposite problem: How to make sense of it all and communicate meaning is the job of the designer.

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Babatunde Irukera The Director General of the Consumer Protection Council CPC , Babatunde Irukera has charged businesses to understand the signs of times and embrace the new order of prioritizing consumer protection as the pre-eminent factor in protecting brand, businesses, managing crisis, building confidence and corporate growth, emphasizing that customer satisfaction is the most vital pillar to loyalty and trust. He informed the meeting that the CPC will introduce a more efficient system with the right technology that will ensure companies are the primary point of resolution, and only when that fails are complaints escalated to the CPC, except in serious or industry wide situations or abuses that require major and urgent immediate intervention, while encouraging the CEOs to ensure their companies adopt the comprehensive system and plug into it when it goes live. Further, the Director General noted that from internal information and the feedback, including from this meeting, a major threat to both consumers and businesses is counterfeiting and adulteration. He informed the meeting that the CPC will focus more on traceability and enjoined companies to cooperate in being more innovative and proactive in partnering with regulators to address this menace.


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