Buy Advance Steel 2016

Buy Advance Steel 2016

These powerful 3D modeling tools support a Building Information Modeling BIM process to help accelerate more accurate detailing of structural elements, steel connections, and plates. In addition, Advance Steel helps speed time to fabrication by automatically generating shop and general arrangement drawings, creating bills of materials, and producing CNC files directly from designs.

With interoperability between Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks software products [and the upcoming releases of each], as well as other BIM software, Advance Steel also provides a way to connect BIM-based design and construction through fabrication. Product Line Manager. Key customer-driven enhancements for Advance Steel include: This enhanced feature helps improves performance when working with complex models. Advance-SteelScalability-and-Performance-Improvements Enhancement helps improve performance when working with complex models.

Weld definition properties enhanced — Representing specific weld characteristics in a DWG file used for fabrication can be a time-consuming, tedious task.

Enhancements now help users to define weld properties directly [e. The resulting ISO standards-compliant weld symbols are displayed automatically on drawings; and specific preferences may then be easily adjusted in the DWG file. Specify weld properties in the model and get them being displayed more accurately on drawings.

Status tracking information — Helps to easily round-trip model information with MIS software thanks to a bidirectional link. When creating a joint, Advance Steel analyses its environment and recognizes if a similar situation has occurred in the past.

The software then suggests the optimal joint in the desired category while taking into account its structural integrity. New Joint Design Engine Advance Steel can now automatically design common joints within the user interface.

To create a joint the user specifies the forces kip and Advance Steel quickly designs the joint. The correct type and quantity of bolts, plate thickness, etc. Click above for a streaming video on Advance Steel Learn more about connection design according to Eurocodes 3 in Advance Steel… Sheet and plate metal work Autodesk Advance Steel is the only CAD software for steel structures that easily models sheet metal work.

It only takes a couple of clicks to create a complex element, for example, a conical shape from two CAD entities circle, square, etc. The drawings for these shapes are automatically obtained along with their unfolded representation. Advance Steel offers unrivalled, flexible and secure multi-user functionality offering: Speed improvements to model a big project multiple users working on the same DWG file Display performances tools to display only selected elements Flexibility joints can be created between elements modeled by different users Security an element being used by one person cannot be modified by another Information real-time information of model changes Automated drawing creation.

Jul 12,  · Autodesk Advance Steel 3D modeling software for steel detailing. Autodesk® Advance Steel is easy-to-use and comprehensive software for structural steel detailing. Built on the familiar Autodesk® AutoCAD® platform, the software’s 3D modeling tools Price Range: $1, - $9, To access the command Quick views tool palette: Command line: _AstM11CommCreateModelView To define a model view by selecting one point in the UCS Place the UCS in a suitable position. The model view will display the XY plane. Quick views tool palette: Click. In the dialog box, select. Select a point that you wish to be the center of the model view area. To view all Advance Steel offerings go to the Advance Steel page. Learn Get started quickly, and then find videos, articles, and tutorials explaining how to use Advance Steel.

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Inserting a railing on stairs Running the numbering Getting a Material list summary Getting assembly drawings Exporting the model to Navisworks What's New in Advance Steel New Customization Options for the Cut Symbol Template The cut symbol template has several new features to help with customization, including new tokens, support for user text, text formatting using the template text style, and text color control from the template file.

The command aligns all cut symbols from one side, using a reference symbol. This will ease the cut symbol arrangement, and ensure that the cut symbols will no longer move during drawing update.

Dedicated defaults for configuring the cut symbol template he existing two defaults that allow the setup of cut symbol template for up and down symbols were split to allow specific customization on each different type of detail drawings that can contain cut symbols.

Insert Cut Symbols in General Arrangement Drawings The process of inserting cut symbols on general arrangement drawings when creating manual cuts was changed. Advance Steel now uses the points used to define the cut view size as insertion points for the symbols. The two points were already used to define the cut view size box, but the cut symbols were inserted using the "Assembly drawing" rules.

The previous process would often cause Advance Steel to insert the points in the middle of the drawing. Cut view titles on general arrangement views no longer reset during update Now, you can manually modify the cut view title for manual cuts created on general arrangement views Plan view, Anchor plan, Elevation, etc.

All the changes will be retained during drawing update. The cut view title contains two new tokens These tokens can display more information when needed. The Scale token shows the current cut view scale, while the View number A shows the cut view number using a single letter.

You can configure the two tokens using the cut view configuration page in the Drawing Style Manager, or when editing the cut view title properties on existing sheets. Manually moved cut view symbols on assembly drawings no longer reset their position during drawing update This inconsistent behavior was part of specific cut view symbols that were requested by elements controlled by connections and created as part of automatic cut views.

Now, updating connections in the model will no longer force the automatic cut views to reset during drawing update, allowing Advance Steel to preserve any manual modifications made to their annotations. Cut view symbols can be individually deleted from drawings Advance Steel will no longer force the cut view symbols to reappear during drawing update.

You cannot restore manually removed cut view symbols. So, if the cut view symbols are accidentally removed, you need to recreate the cut view to restore the cut view symbols. Align and Arrange Labels Commands Starting with this version of Advance Steel, two new commands are available for aligning and arranging labels on demand, on detail drawings.

They use an existing reference label and a set of predefined rules, specific to each command. Manual dimensions on any hole inside a hole pattern In previous versions, only certain cases were supported.

In the rest of the cases the dimension points would be removed during drawing update. This feature improvement is available, by default, to all manual dimension lines. Two modes for the leader line behavior when labeling holes Automatic hole detection and manual hole selection.

Propagate a Connection The propagation tool recreates a connection in all the identical situations within the model.

This is not a copy tool, but a tool that gathers the conditions in which a selected connection was created, identifies all the cases that meet all these conditions in the current project and creates connections in all the respective cases, matching the origin connection type and set of parameters. Enhanced Dialog Boxes With Sidebar This Enhanced provides a better user experience and accelerates the time spent Features Parametric steel connections - Extensive parametric connections library. Built-in steel connection design engine - Check connection design in real time.

Stairs, railings, and cage ladders - Help speed the modeling of miscellaneous steel work. Sheet metal and folded plate work - Quickly create folded elements of any shape. Fabrication data information - Access and transfer fabrication data and properties. Dynamo extension for Advance Steel - Create parametric complex structures with a visual programming tool.

Select and view parts of a model - Isolate and display selected elements. Intelligent structural objects - Model more quickly with an object library and wizards. General arrangement drawings - Produce clearer drawings for erection at site. Steel shop drawings - Generate more accurate drawings for fabrication. Document Manager - Control your documentation. Robot Structural Analysis interoperability - Optimize your structure with bidirectional links.

BIM interoperability - Collaborate more efficiently across the design team. Custom settings import - Import your custom settings when moving to new versions. Navisworks compatibility - Integrate data for whole-project review. Work-sharing - Collaborate several simultaneous users. Model-based approval workflow - Color-code objects based on approval status.

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