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At first glance this may seem unsurprising given the complex nature of the behavioral data. However, fluctuations driving behavior in a simple feed-forward manner were insufficient ( S4 Fig). Instead fluctuations required coupling to neural dynamics with two attributes. First, our best models exhibited multistable dynamics reminiscent of persistent Up and Down states in vertebrate striatal [ 58] and cortical neurons [ 59]. Like stochastic state switching in genetic circuits [ 60, 61] and stochastic mathematical models of C.

elegans behavioral transitions [ 14], in our models fluctuations allowed neural activity to escape stable equilibria and to rise above the threshold for walking.

Fluctuations near the Up state led to rapid bursts of walking while residence near the Down state led to longer periods of inactivity [ 28].

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Neoliberalism or Neo-Illiberalism. Leftist critics accuse India of going down the path of neoliberalism. The actual process could better be called neo-illiberalism. Although many old controls and licenses have indeed been abolished over the past 25 years, many new controls and bureaucratic hurdles have appeared, mostly in such areas as the environment, forests, tribal rights, and land and in new areas like retail, telecom, and Internet-related activities.

Many state governments have failed to liberalize sufficiently. Hence, entrepreneurs complain bitterly of red tape and corruption.

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