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But what about those users who want to enjoy the benefits that this latest operating system brings and run the latest OS X on a Windows based PC? Once upon a time this process, known as a Hackintosh, was quite a lengthy process that threw up a few hurdles along the way.

Read on for the step by step guide. Step 1: Step 2: Download the updated and current version of UniBeast that is available from the downloads section of the tonymacx86 website free of charge registration required. Step 3: Step 4: Select the Current drop down menu and choose the 1 Partition option. Step 5: Click Ok. Step 6: You can choose a name now or it can be done later.

Select Apply before selecting Partition. Step 7: Run the UniBeast 1. Step 8: When UniBeast is running, skip through the first few screens before selecting the relevant USB drive on the Select a Destination screen. Choose Continue, then enter your system password for approval. The next few steps can be followed through to ensure everything is working without issue.

Step 9: Steps 10 — 12 are only required for new installations. Step After booting from the drive, you should now be in the OS X installer. Set the desired language, choose the Utilities option from the menu bar before selecting Disk Utility. Select the target hard drive for the installation of Mountain Lion on your PC and click the Partition tab.

Click Apply then Partition before closing down the Disk Utility. Now simply install Mountain Lion on this hard drive. When the process is completed, restart the machine. When the machine boots up, choose the new Mountain Lion option to make the drive bootable.

So there we have it, a fully functional Hackintosh PC running the latest Mac operating system. Last but not the least, you will need to install the drivers for your machine. This can be done using MultiBeast tool, which can again be found in the downloads section over at tonymacx Apple will obviously tell you that the Mac machines they produce are designed to work harmoniously with the software and operating systems that they also develop, but running OS X on a Windows based PC can be an extremely pleasurable experience now that the installation process is relatively pain free.

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