Adobe incopy cs4 cheap price

Adobe incopy cs4 cheap price

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Cheap Adobe incopy cs4 cheap price

Review: Adobe InCopy CS4 | Macworld

Chief among them are expanded support for table editing, the ability to create dynamic cross-references, and a conditional-text feature that lets InCopy users work on different versions of the same document for different audiences—say, a how-to guide for both Mac and PC users—from within the same InDesign file.

While InCopy integrates closely with InDesign to create a collaborative publishing workflow, writers and editors can also use InCopy by itself to create stand-alone. This capability means that editors can also now track their changes to table contents in those views, and more easily communicate with colleagues by adding notes within individual table cells.

No more having to print out tables to mark edits on the hard copy. In Story and Galley views, each cell in a table row appears on its own line. You can click a disclosure triangle to toggle the display of table rows on and off in these two views for readability. The Story view window on the left shows a tracked change; you can see that change take effect as you make it, in the Layout view on the right. Enhanced productivity A new hyperlink feature lets you quickly add links to text on-the-fly via the new Hyperlinks panel.

You can link to other pages in a long document, to external files, or to Web URLs. You can then test the link from within InCopy. The Hyperlinks panel is also home to the new Cross-References pane. This feature makes it easier for you to work on long documents and easier for your readers to navigate them.

For managed InCopy files—that is, InCopy stories that are attached to an InDesign layout—the designer must first create the conditions in the InDesign layout before the InCopy user can apply them to specific text. In a stand-alone InCopy document, you can both create and apply conditions—when the. So, for example, if you were creating a how-to manual for Mac and PC users, you could create one condition that would display the Ctrl key for PC users and another that would display the command key for Mac users.

Previously, the designer would have had to either create two different files or place the two versions on different layers. The table displays both the Mac and PC conditions. To create a version for a Mac audience, simply turn on the Mac condition in the Conditional Text panel and turn off the PC condition. Interface updates Several interface enhancements streamline the InCopy work process. One new feature is the Application frame, an option that has been the default view in the Windows version.

The Application frame encloses all of your InCopy documents and panels within a single window to block out background distractions, making your workspace easier to see and work in. The Application bar is new for both Mac and Windows users. For instance, you could change from your default workspace to a custom table-editing workspace that displays only the panels and menus you need when working with tables.

Another nice addition to the interface is support for tabbed documents. The Links panel now displays thumbnail images of files, and has been redesigned to offer extensive, customizable data about linked files, including creation and last-modified dates, the name of the last person to edit the story, tracked-changes status, and much more. Having all of this information close at hand makes managing files easier.

This last feature is something you can do only in managed InCopy files: This comes in handy if you have to edit photo credits, which typically appear vertically along the outside edge of a page. Integrated screen sharing is another nice enhancement. As the host, you need a broadband Internet connection, a browser running the Adobe Flash Player 9 plug-in, and an Adobe ID; your guests need only an Internet connection and a browser running the Flash plug-in. Still waiting Perhaps a future release will address some items that have long been on my InCopy wish list.

And I wish the notes feature were more powerful in Layout view. As it is, reading the contents of a note by hovering your cursor over the note icon in that view is a cumbersome process especially because that symbol can be hard to see and select. That alone makes this new version worth serious consideration by anyone who works with tables.

Add to that the conditional-text and cross-reference features, a more powerful Links panel, and a variety of interface enhancements, and InCopy CS4 is a tempting upgrade. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

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